Advice and Guidance

We offer a range of services to help social entrepreneurs to plan, start and sustain their community and non-profit café and coffee shop project. Whatever stage you are at and whatever you are struggling with, we tailor our support to what you need, for how long you need it and for the budget available.

Bespoke Consultancy

Our aim is to provide the right mix of advice, mentoring, resources and support to enable you to independently and successfully open and run your community café or similar facility. We have a menu of topics and a catalogue of resources from our ‘Community Cafe Blueprint’ which we can supply according to the status of your venture and your needs. This support is priced at a simple daily rate and can range from a single to several days.

Business Plan Kickstarter

This half day of support is especially for people who have never written a business plan before. We conduct a stress-free interview by phone or video to help you articulate and for us to document the aims, aspirations and status of your project. We will then write it up to give you a more-than-skeleton plan to start to review, refine and complete. If you want additional support to get the plan completed then simply access our Business Plan Booster service.

Business Plan Booster

If you have already drafted a business plan and what an independent peer review then this option is for you. You simply send us the plan and any support materials and documents. We will take a look and send you some independent feedback. We then schedule a phone or video call for up to one hour to talk through the plan and any suggestions for amendment or enhancement we have made. You will be able to proceed confidently with a plan that is fit for purpose.

Making a difference to the world through cafes with a conscience

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