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Do you need help with your new community café? Is your non-profit coffee-shop struggling in some way? We understand how the medium of food and drink can be used to deliver social impact through attracting and engaging with the local community and specific client groups in a relevant, meaningful and mission-led-way. Find out how we can can help and guide you with your social venture.

Community Cafe Support and resources

Do you need to write a community café business plan for the bank, a finance plan for your organisation’s board or maybe you feel the need to have some structure to your vision and ideas? We provide a few simple tools to get you started which you can combine with our Community Cafe Business Plan Kickstarter and Booster sessions to pull all your ideas together into a robust plan to take your cafés forward

Non-profit cafés making a different

Take a virtual visit to some great community cafés and non-profit cafés in action. Take a peek at the social impact they are delivering, their ethos, their décor and their business model. Social entrepreneurs across the world are delivering meaningful social impact using the medium of food and drink to create positive impact on people’s lives, their local community or the planet as a whole

Thinking about café venues

Many of our clients already have community-facing premises or have identified a venue which lends itself to a community café project. Rents and running costs could be at usual commercial rates or maybe there are advantageous or peppercorn charges because of the social value that a new community café will add to the building, existingContinue reading “Thinking about café venues”


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